Wheelchair Ramps

The Chris Souza Foundation offers wheelchair ramp services to veterans and service men or women who were injured during their tour. We provide the help necessary for making your home wheelchair accessible by obtaining the necessary information for ramp construction and installation, as well as helping financially.

Home Improvements

We understand that maintaining a home requires time and money. If you are a disabled veteran or service member unable to keep up with improvement work around the house, give us a call. The Chris Souza Foundation can help with things such as sending a plumber out to your home to fix a broken sink or having a general contractor take a look at the flooring in your home. Let us help you get the services you need for your home taken care of.

Health & Services for Survivors

The Chris Souza Foundation also extends its provided services to survivors of those who have given their lives to protect and serve our country. If your loved one was an active service member and you are in need of help, please contact the Foundation.


The Chris Souza Foundation offers counseling and support for those suffering from combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and for family member survivors. If the cost of counseling is keeping you or a loved one from seeing a professional, contact the Foundation so we can help financially. In addition, we also provide transportation services to help those in need of counseling get to and from their appointments.

Short Term Home Healthcare

If you or a family member are returning home from a hospital visit, there may be a need for an in-home nurse to continue providing care and teach you about future care. The Chris Souza Foundation can help provide resources for short term home healthcare as well as assisting with these needs financially.

Grants & Scholarships

Our Grants & Scholarships services encompass several different areas. If you are a veteran looking to go back to school and need help doing so, apply for one of our scholarships. Scholarships may also be given to high school students in JROTC programs who excel in leadership and are looking to continue their education. For students attending military colleges or focusing on ROTC programs in college, our grants can help pay for books, room & board, and food. The Chris Souza Foundation is also proud to provide grants to families in need of services to help see their active service family members during the holidays, deployment, or to bring a service member home.

Services Disclosure

The services offered by the Chris Souza Foundation will be provided to those who apply and meet certain criteria. In addition, personal documentation and financial statements may be necessary to prove services are needed by those applying for them. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.